You Don’t Have To Cut Out Sugar To Drop Fat, Here’s Why.

I know your type… You’re just like me. You love sweets just like I do. What if I told you there is a way to have the best of both worlds, to an extent, and still lose fat? Bullshit right? Read on. Counting macros – the most misunderstood dieting technique – praised by some, and...
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The Skinny on Cutting Calories

When it comes to fat loss, the most common thing you hear is, “Drop your calories if you want to lose weight!” This can be a HUGE problem if you are already limiting your calories on a daily basis or, in most case, have no idea how many calories you are even getting from day...
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The ‘Not So’ Surprising Truth About Fiber

When we discuss nutrition the first thing that gets the most attention are the BIG 3 (protein, carbs, and fats). One of the most overlooked nutrition aspects by fitness coaches is the importance of fiber and the key it plays in the body. I know what your thinking…How does fiber help me? Well for starters...
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Are You Getting Too Many Calories? (Part 2 of 3)

Calories can add up fast! Especially if you are not tracking them. For example, let’s say you just so happen to get your hands on a box of Cheez-Its. After mindlessly snacking for an hour you have pretty much ate the whole box. Let’s take a closer look at this… At 27 crackers per serving...
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Are You Eating Enough Calories? (Part 1 of 3)

“Holy…Do I REALLY have to eat all of this?” Usually the first question I get when putting someone on a nutrition plan.  Still to this day I kinda chuckle and reply with a nod and then go into an explanation to why it is important to eat. Yes, we can eat our way to fat loss!...
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“My Diet Starts Tomorrow”

Megan Lattin, MS. RD Plan diet, go on it, ruin it, quit it, and repeat. If this mimics your typical eating pattern do not be ashamed. After all, you live in America- land of the free and home of the chronic dieters. Everyone is doing it. So is it working? If your scale just proclaimed...
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Is Gluten the Bad Guy or Just Misunderstood?

By Megan Lattin, MS, RD –  Rumors about gluten have been spreading like wild fire, deteriorating its reputation, and ruining any chance it had at becoming prom king. So is there really fuel behind this fire or is it just all smoke and mirrors? The Smoke If you google the definition of gluten you will...
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The Low Fat Lie

You can go to the store and buy everything low fat and still get the same results that you would by not. Just because the label has low fat written on it does not make it any better than the actual product. Then again, what really makes either of them good for you? Fat has...
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