How to Build Muscle

The ‘Not So’ Surprising Truth About Fiber

When we discuss nutrition the first thing that gets the most attention are the BIG 3 (protein, carbs, and fats). One of the most overlooked nutrition aspects by fitness coaches is the importance of fiber and the key it plays in the body. I know what your thinking…How does fiber help me? Well for starters...
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High Volume Finishers to Blast Out Your Chest

Pushups are often over looked when putting together a good chest day routine.  By adding high volume pushups at the end of a workout can really push chest development to new heights.  The most important key to these high volume pushups is slowing the eccentric.  By doing this you force more time under tension.  The...
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Road to the Arnold: 5 Weeks out Shoulders

MIND BODY CONNECTION… I cannot stress how important these three words are to anyone serious about building muscle.  Any exercise that you do in the gym should involve intense muscle contractions.  Just going to the gym and lifting without concentrating on this can be a huge waste of your time. The goal is to get...
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Road to the Arnold: 6 Weeks Back day

Hey what’s up guys!  I am currently about 6 weeks out from stepping on stage at the Arnold Classic.   This is a little video from the workout we did the other day.  One of my week points has always been my back, so I have spent a lot of time during my “mini bulk” working...
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