Ben C.

“The time I’ve spent with Chris has not only helped me lose just under 20 pounds in 7 weeks of dedicated work, but also gave me the knowledge to confidently work on my own and not worry about slipping back into bad habits. Chris is a great instructor and very easy to talk to, which...
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Julian L.

“Being a chubby kid, taking [up] fitness changed my life completely. Not just physically but mentally as well, because of Chris’ advice and plan I was able to take my body and belief in myself to a whole different level. Inspiring me to also take on clients and weight loss clients in the Toronto area.”
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Chris McGowan has been my Trainer and Nutritionist for the past year and a half but like most people that’s not where my story starts it is just where it starts to get healthy again. I grew up in a large family and learned to love competition but to also love food. In high school...
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Stacy P.

I began my weight loss journey one year ago. I had decent results, but not what I had hoped for. I was putting in the hours at the gym, not understanding why I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. A good friend recommended I talk to IFBB Pro Chris McGowan, at Mcgowan Fitness....
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Nick A.

To say that Chris is on point with his training, nutritional, and motivational advice could not be a greater understatement! He and I met at a physique competition and after discovering that we lived within minutes of one another, he graciously invited me to start training with him and his crew. Since then, Chris has...
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Gina L.

When I first contacted Chris, I had tried just about every diet out there without much success. I had even been put on weight loss medication by my doctor to try to help me lose the 25 pounds I still needed to lose after having my third baby. I was exercising all the time and...
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