Diesel Widow Maker

In today’s article, we have a video that shows the Diesel Widow Maker.  It was a conditioning session that we did after our intense leg day.  This conditioning  will allow for one of the most insane metabolic finishes ever.

The workout consisted of….


1      – Prowler
2      – 50′ 1 1/2″ ropes
1       – Sled
2      – Cones
10     – 45 p. Plates (or desired weight)


Place cones 50′ apart with the sled directly beside one cone. The sled should have a rope tied to BOTH sides. One rope is stretched out completely and should reach from the sled to the opposite cone 50′ away (CONE 2).

And the 2nd rope should be bunched up at the cone (CONE 1) sitting next to the sled.

The prowler should be EMPTY and setup to the side at the end of the outstretched rope at the CONE 2 (the one opposite of where the sled is positioned).

START Load the sled with 5 plates and the prowler is EMPTY.

One athlete is at CONE 1 and one athlete is at CONE 2.


The athlete at CONE 2 will pull the sled with the rope hand-over-hand until the sled is at their feet. They will then push the prowler from CONE 2 to CONE 1 (Still EMPTY)

The second athlete will pull the loaded sled back to CONE 1 and then push the empty prowler back down to CONE 2.

One plate is taken OFF the sled and 2 plates are loaded onto the prowler (one on each side).

The sequence is repeated. Athlete 1 will pull the sled (4 plates) down to them and push the prowler back to CONE 1. Then Athlete 2 will do the same thing.

One plate is taken off the sled (now down to 3 plates) and another two plates is added to the prowler (now it has 2 plates on each side).

Everything is repeated until there is NO plates on the sled and 10 plates on the prowler (5 each side).

The time is stopped when Athlete 2 pulls the sled with one plate to them and pushes the prowler (10 plates) across the line of CONE 2.

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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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