Macro Dieting – Sugar: The Misunderstood Monster

Counting macros… the most misunderstood dieting technique. Praised by some, and hated by others.  The truth is that macro dieting has been around for a very long time and is utilized in just about every method of dieting there is today.  You could take every dieting method advocate and every single one would argue over why their diet is the BEST diet ever and how they have lost xx pounds using it.  Well, any diet will work, but they all much abide by a macro range.  You can still get fat using Paleo, carb back-loading, Intermittent Fasting, Atkins, and whole food ‘Clean Eating’ if your macros are not accounted for.  Don’t think for a second that you can shovel a bunch of food in your mouth in the name of a  particular “diet” and not gain fat.


Some may lead you to believe that you MUST eat certain foods in order to achieve the body you are looking for.  Or (the best one I have heard) is that you must NEVER eat sugar or carbs in order to lose fat. Sugar does have its down-sides, but they are not the down-sides most will have you believe, and carbs are not bad unless you are told specifically by a healthcare provider to avoid them. Even in most of those cases, there is a work-around.



The major reason sugar gets such a bad rap is because it does not fill  you up when it’s your primary carb source, which leads to you overeating in massive quantities.

When your body is hungry and needs fuel, it does not care what you eat (unless you are missing key micronutrients), all it cares about is how fast you can get the food in.  Thus, most opt for the cheap, sugar-based foods that never fill them up but add A LOT of calories to their diet. For those of us that can’t control the amount of sugar-based carbs we eat, I say that cutting them out as much as possible is a great option. For others who are able to control it, having cookies in their diet or some sugary snack isn’t going to prohibit fat loss one bit.  I will stress this again… the ONLY time fat loss will be prohibited is when you can’t control yourself and must eat the entire box of cookies.  Remember, macros reign king here, and ensuring you are not going over your personal macro range will always deliver the results you are aiming for.

Honestly, 90% of the information you hear in your local gym is just regurgitated hear-say.  It is regurgitated by old-school lifters that lived in an era where science had not caught up to understand the human body. Even to this day we do not completely understand the human body. Throughout history we have looked for something to blame for our dieting pitfalls, leading us from low-fat to no-meat to no-carbs to no-sugar and to no-grains.

Most fitness guru’s will lead you to believe that the diet is everything. And this is where the problem lies. Yes, the diet is important, but most “dieting” techniques are VERY unsustainable for long periods. Willpower works wonders but does not last forever.  This is why I love IFFYM, or Flexible Dieting, if you will.  It allows you to eat what you want to a certain degree and you are not stuck eating bland chicken or not using condiments that have some calories in them. The best part, you can sustain it forever! Using fad diets may get you where you want to go, but as soon as you come off that diet and start eating as you normally do fat will pile on in a hurry. I have seen this a million times.


I know the macro haters are about to pull out their keyboards and go to town right about now so let me clarify. Do keep good healthy foods in your diet for overall body health, but that does not mean that from time-to-time you can’t enjoy yourself with some cookies on the side.  Truth be told, I eat cookies on the regular throughout my entire prep and never EVER have had an issue with losing fat and getting into better shape.  I even use these techniques with my clients and the results are amazing 100% of the time with those who follow it and hit the macros provided.  I try to eat healthy, but I don’t stress myself out over it every single day! Relax, have a cookie… IF It Fits Your Macros!

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