Meal Preparation: Cooking Made Simple

How to lose fat-simple meal preparation

Meal Preparation, the single most important time of the week for any fitness goer. Some spend hours upon hours creating the most elaborate meals to date. For me, I like to keep it as simple as possible thus saving time and money.  The most disturbing excuse people consistently use is, “I don’t have enough time to prepare my meals.”  I cannot stress this enough, proper eating is the most important aspect to reaching your desired goal within any fitness venture you choose to pursue. So I have decided to let you in on how I create half a weeks meals in just under an hour and thirty minutes, thus allowing for more free time! Everyone loves free time right?

Now keep in mind! The method of creation that I take is not the only way it can be done. I am a very simple eater and really do not mind the taste of baked chicken, rice and vegetables on a consistent basis. Although, being a very simple eater does allow for me to cut down on my meal prepping hours significantly.


The List

To keep it as simple as possible I will be breaking down the list for this Meal Prep.


1-2 lb.’s – Boneless/Skinless Chicken breast

4-5 Bags – Frozen Vegetables

1 Large Box  – Minute Rice (White or Brown )

1 Bottle – Oil (Olive, Canola, Sunflower, Peanut) Your Choice


I am a big advocate of eating simple and eating within your price range.  All of these items listed above will only cost you around 20-30 bucks and can provide at least 3-4 days of food (depending on you consumption rate.)

In this video I will be going over how I create this simple meal to my personal specifications.  You may certainly add more or even less of each food type to really dial in those macros.   Even if you do not know your macros, this is still a EASY way to eat healthy!! Enjoy!!

 The Process

On the next instalment I will discuss how I break each meal down and prepare them individually.

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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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