Meal Preparation: Fast and Easy Portions

How to lose fat-simple meal preparation

In the last post we discussed how you could create healthy meals that would last you 3-4 days and still allow you to stay within a reasonable price range.

Cooking the meal is important but only half the battle.  Knowing how to prepare them into individual containers, within the right portions, is a total different subject.

If you have watched the first video in this two part series then you are already in the loop about how much food we are dividing here.  Portioning out your meals can provide a huge impact in two main areas:

  1. Increasing the Likelihood of eating healthy day to day

    • I can’t stress this point enough. Even if you don’t know your macro’s, this is still a very easy way to separate your food into smaller, healthier portions.  Eating healthy is the key word here, and by allowing yourself to eat smaller meals throughout the day can speed up your metabolism as well as create healthy habits.
  2. Less focus on where your next meal is coming from
    • By having your meals prepped and ready to go. There is no longer a debate over where your next meal is coming from.  In essence, we are eliminating the constant struggle between choosing something quick (usually very un-healthy) or choosing expensive and semi-healthy.


In this video you will see how to divide each food group into individual containers.

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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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