nickallington To say that Chris is on point with his training, nutritional, and motivational advice could not be a greater understatement!

He and I met at a physique competition and after discovering that we lived within minutes of one another, he graciously invited me to start training with him and his crew. Since then, Chris has been an incredible coach not only during our training sessions, but out of the gym too by offering the soundest nutritional advice. What’s more is that his nutritional advice is custom-modified to accommodate my numerous dietary intolerances. And let’s not forget that he and I are each other’s competition and that he provides all of this help without me even asking; his selfless attitude in wanting others to achieve their fitness goals could not be more evident! So thanks, buddy for being such a great coach and friend! If you’re looking to take your physique and nutrition to a “whole ‘nother level,” look no further than Chris McGowan Fitness!

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