Nutrition Tip of the Week: #1 – Start Simple


Living a healthy lifestyle is a huge problem for many of people. When asked, often people don’t even know where to even start. This is why I have decided to give you the fundamentals to live a healthy, positive lifestyle, with these weekly tips.

Follow these simple tips and you WILL to reap benefits far greater then you have ever thought imaginable.

The best part? I am offering them to you for free!!

Okay let’s get started…

You will no longer wonder how you can make the changes needed to lose the weight you have always wanted to shed.

Go check out my recent article that explains in detail how regular Pepsi can set your fat loss goals back months, maybe even YEARS! —-> Here

Make these simple changes to your day and promote a healthy start to changing your lifestyle by tapping into more fat loss.

  1.  Cut down on the excess carbs in soda by switching to diet soda. This small change can lead to a loss of 500-1000 calories a day (especially if you are a huge soda drinker).
  2. Stay AWAY from condiments high in calories! Switch to low fat, low carb condiments!
  3.  Switching over from Whole milk to 1% or Skim milk. Can save you on excess calories per week. Or try unsweetened almond milk for 30 calories per glass!

Check out the video below and lets the body you deserve together.


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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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