stacy I began my weight loss journey one year ago. I had decent results, but not what I had hoped for. I was putting in the hours at the gym, not understanding why I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. A good friend recommended I talk to IFBB Pro Chris McGowan, at Mcgowan Fitness. With skepticism I scheduled a nutrition consultation. I had already tried several eating plans and diets, I wasn’t very optimistic. Upon meeting with Chris I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and sensible approach to clean eating. He tailored a eating plan specifically around my personal needs and fitness goals. I have been working with Chris for three weeks, in that time I have lost 12 pounds and over 2″ and I am still going strong! He removed the mental roadblocks I had been harboring, allowing me to move into the next phase of my fitness goals. Thanks to Chris and my personal trainer I have set new and exciting goals that I once thought were impossible. Chris has stayed with me every step of the way, answering my many questions and encouraging my success. You couldn’t ask for a better guide and coach.

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