You can go to the store and buy everything low fat and still get the same results that you would by not. Just because the label has low fat written on it does not make it any better than the actual product. Then again, what really makes either of them good for you?

Fat has gotten a huge image problem in our society. Companies make a killing off fat conscious people by just simply slapping the words “NEW LOW FAT” on the label. Just like they expect, the masses buy the new product thinking they can indulge in Oreo’s and Cupcakes because it’s low fat so it has less calories. WRONG… These calories still count. In some cases the calories in low fat products are higher due to the fact the company had to add more sugar to make up for the fat taken out of their product.

One of the main reasons fat gets such a horrible rap is because much of the fat we eat comes from less than healthy products like cookies and cakes. Our bodies naturally crave fats, and lets face it, who doesn’t love the taste of some warm frosted donuts right out of the oven…?!?! With these things, it’s very simple to overeat and pack on the fat and carb content. We all know that old saying, “Once you have one, you got to have another!”

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Although, we should never cut all fat out of our diets!!! Cutting fat out of your diet means you will miss out on even the good fats that help you get that lean look you are striving for. Just try to get fat from healthy sources is all.

By getting your fat from natural, unprocessed sources we decrease the chance of overeating and increase our chance of getting the right fats our body can use in delivering key nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Keep the fat intake, even healthy fats, to 20-30% of the daily caloric needs. Also, keep your saturated fat below 10% of your total fat needs. So, if you’re a huge beefeater, its about time to introduce some other meats into your life and go a lot leaner. 

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Until next time, IMAGINE with all your mind. BELIEVE with all your heart. ACHIEVE with all your might.

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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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