The Skinny on Cutting Calories

When it comes to fat loss, the most common thing you hear is, “Drop your calories if you want to lose weight!” This can be a HUGE problem if you are already limiting your calories on a daily basis or, in most case, have no idea how many calories you are even getting from day to day.

Now, limiting your calories is not bad advice, under the right context. However, for someone that trains on a regular basis, an increase in calories may be the trick to dropping fat.

Let’s go into more detail…

It’s very common to find yourself in a position where the amount of calories you intake isn’t high and your body composition becomes very stagnate. So what’s next? You begin to lower your calories and eat even LESS food then you where before, but for some odd reason your body composition still remains the exact same.

Why is this?

Well your Metabolic Rate, the rate in which your body burns calories, has adapted your food intake over that time period in order to become more efficient in the body’s use of energy. Your body only cares about one thing: surviving. Your body doesn’t care about your personal fat-loss goals.Twitter So, when you lower your calorie intake, your body starts to become more efficient at delegating the energy and leave your fat loss at a plateau. This in turn leaves you with no other choice but to continue to go lower in a calorie debt.

I have seen it many times, a new client will come to me eating almost nothing and still struggling with fat-loss issues or just simply not losing fat at all.

What do I do to fix this?

The answer is simple: eat more. For a small period of time, I bring my clients’ calories up in order to get their metabolism firing on all cylinders. Depending on the client and how long they have been beating their head against the wall, hardly eating anything, I usually up their calories for 3-4 weeks to ensure adaptation to a new, higher threshold.

“Wow… this is a lot of food… I CANT EAT ALL THIS!! I am going to get FAT!”

Is usually the remark I get every single time. You have to understand that in order to make progress we need room to do so. Usually about 3 weeks into the higher calories they have adapted and start to feel hungry all the time.

Now we have officially created a better platform to shed fat and drop calories from. This gives us far more room to utilize fat-loss at its maximal potential.

It’s important to note… DO NOT think that this means you can now go out and eat a whole bunch of BS and just simply call it ‘resetting your metabolic rate’ or expecting to just lose fat because of it. A plan like this needs to be well thought out and utilized to its maximal potential. I still want you eating healthy foods that promote health benefits to the body and not go on an all out sugar binge. A little is okay – just don’t over do it.

On many occasions I have had clients tell me they have never eaten so much food and gotten so lean, feel better, and get stronger. The plus side as well, they are not suffering from hunger.

Sometimes you need to simply reset your metabolic rate, and this trick does exactly that!

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Join Team McGowan for the latest exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!
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